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Welcome to V’S WURLD! Yes, I know world is spelt with an “o” but, whatever, I like it better this way. Oh, and while we’re on that note, I guess now would be a prime time to explain that I purposely like to misspell words from time to time because…well, I think it’s fun. But aside from my lack of spell check, I guess I’ll throw out there that I’m a college student living in the mitten state who loves cats, tea, Jesus and laughter. I suppose I love a lot more but I’m sure you’ll discover those things as you voyage through this here blog.

This is a space where you and I can chill, have decent convos and just, ya know, share stuff. Well…I guess that doesn’t really work out all that well cause it’s me on one side talking to/at you (it’s debatable), but I would love to hear feedback or whatever else you want, so check ya girl out on social media or throw me a paper plane through email! If you’re feelin’ especially bold, you can make your way down to the bottom of the page, hit that comment box and type whatever your golden heart desires.

Here you’ll get 100% me. No fronts, no gimmicks, just…me. I would most certainly love it if you pulled up a chair to join me in V’S WURLD. And remember, you’re free to stop by and visit anytime you’d like. My door’s always open (:

Nice talking to you friend!

(Or is it too soon for that? Lol oh well!)


TUMBLR: victoriaalexsis.tumblr.com


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