You Come First

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Love is difficult.

Love is broad.

Love is a lot to handle, if you’re not ready to handle it.

Love is a lot of things. Love can be everything great and everything bad all encompassed in a fragile wrapper.

So simply said…

“Love is

If I’ve learned anything about love, I will tell you I’ve learned the following:

  1. Love is a commitment.
  2. You cannot force love.
  3. Love is a plant that must be watered, or else it will die.
  4. Not everything and everyone deserves your love.
  5. God is love.

While, the above may be true, love in itself is a privilege not all get to encounter.

You are worthy of love, and before you can love others in a way that is healthy and effective, you must first love yourself. Loving oneself is a commendable challenge many have not mastered. It is a difficult task that as any love, must be constantly kept up with in order to remain.

Once you learn how to love yourself though all your past mistakes, bad decisions, failures and incapabilities, you open the passage to learning what it’s like to love another. Using ourselves as templates for loving others, allows us to relate to those who were/are in similar situations we are/were in.

For just a moment, think of a cliché young relationship. Everything is fine in dandy in the honeymoon phase, as “I love you” is constantly spewed from young lips unaware of the weight they carry. The couple seemingly can’t get enough of each other…that is, until an issue arises. Once there is a bump in the road, the relationship deteriorates as the two people who were “in love” decide they can no longer love each other through rough phases.

Loving yourself should not be this way. When you fail a test, disappoint a loved one, or simply even have a bad hair day, that should not constitute self-abuse in any form. If married couples can be together for shorter than you’ve been alive and get through an affair, surely, you can get through a self pitfall with temporary consequences.

However, the support system for such is love. Love is the strongest emotional bond we have here on this earth. If I’m going to leave this world having loved anyone or anything, I’m surely going to be one of them.

In short, do what it takes to love yourself. If it takes coming to terms with your past, telling yourself “it doesn’t matter what people think of me”, following more positive social media sites to keep your mind focused, etc. then DO THAT! I promise you it’s worth fighting every negative thought.

Be your number one supporter.

Much love



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