Why Can’t We All Just Have A Banana & Be Happy?

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No really though? Like how cute is he? Super. I know.

When I first saw this gif, of course I had the initial reaction I’m sure you had. A gracious “aww,” paired with a heartfelt smile. It wasn’t until I watched repeated loops of this innocent fruit triggered celebration, that my eyebrows began to furrow. Then it hit me…

“Why aren’t I that grateful?”

“Have I not been given things far more valuable than a banana, and still have the nerve to be unsatisfied?”

“I want that joy…”

Now if you’re anything like me, you’ll understand what I mean when I say I’m ALWAYS looking for a way to improve my life. Even if it’s only an inkling of growth. And yes, that’s a valuable trait to have in life, however, I’ve found it to be a double headed sword. It seems as if half of me is excitedly searching for the next project while the other half didn’t even think to appreciate life’s most recent courtesy.

Looking back on the way I treat life and overlook blessings actually makes me sick to my stomach. But seriously, who am I to not appreciate all the things I’ve been graced with? Exactly. So, instead of sitting back with a frown mantled on my face and a shallow pit of sorrow in my heart, my little Self-Improver and I made a deal. For every “banana” I’m given, no matter the size, I’m under obligation to write a heartfelt note displaying my appreciation. This can be written on a notebook scrap, in my laptop, the notes on my phone, wherever. What matters is that I’m taking time out of my day to thank God, myself, parents, professors, friends…whoever is eligible. It doesn’t have to be pubic of any kind (although on the occasion it might be), but rather in inward expression of gratitude. Time taken out of my day to say thank you. A few seconds to just slow down and realize, wow, I really have been graced with all I need, and what I have is enough.

An ugly trait associated with the craving to constantly improve is a dissatisfied demeanor with life. Now think on this…how would you feel if every time you accomplished something difficult, did something thoughtful, or even bought something nice for yourself, someone you cared about said, “Okay and…oh wait, that’s it!? Yeah, no. Not good enough. Next time, do better.” That feeling of self doubt and dissatisfaction coming with such a statement is enough to make someone actually believe that if they hear it enough. That is what happens when we constantly strive for greatness in life and never take even but half a minute to just appreciate what has come our way. 

So, if “banana notes” is what it takes for me to tell that “forever-unsatisfied-voice” to shut up, so be it. I will now look forward to receiving bananas, and you better believe I’m gonna be like little man with the banana when I receive them.

Take time to say thank you.

Take time to see your bananas.

Make sure you cherish them.

I dare you.



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